The Winefinders

Join our Club to find your new favourite wines

Become a Winefinder and discover just how exciting and diverse the world of wine is.

Here at Baythorne Wines we do things differently, with you, the wine drinker in mind. This club is about finding you great wines that speak for themselves; wines from both famous and upcoming regions; wines that represent the region they come from; wines with passion and money spent on the wine – not the label, and wines that quite simply taste delicious. Every mixed case you get from us will introduce you to something new, whether it be a new grape variety, new region or just a great new example of a popular style. You will have the opportunity to try wines from around the world that you might not otherwise ever have the chance to taste, and all at our best price possible.

How it works

The club is a simple one. You pay in a monthly amount, and every three months we send you a case of wine.

All you need to do is decide whether you’d like to pay in £36/month (The Voyager’s Case) or £55/month (The Adventurer’s Case), and choose whether you’d like your quarterly case to be filled with red wines, white wines or a mixture. Once you’ve done that it’s then down to us to fill your cases with exceptional wines. All cases delivered will have a standard retail value of at least 10% greater than the amount you have paid in, so this is a great opportunity to enjoy our wines at the best price possible.

You will also receive an email with downloadable notes on all the wines included within your quarterly case.

The true value of wine

We bring to you what we believe to be great value wine. We do not inflate the price, then slash it so it appears you are getting great value. The price you see is competitive and, as we have little overheads, the price you pay on a bottle is comparable to the wine inside. We don’t spend money on fancy boxes, we don’t spend money on glossy brochures and we don’t spend money on mailing endless leaflets and fliers.

We like to share our knowledge of wine that between us we have built up over two decades. Every wine we send out has been tasted and chosen by us. If we don’t think a wine is good enough for our own wine racks we won’t ask you to put it in yours.

By joining The Winefinders you will not only ensure a regular top-up of exceptional wines for your wine rack, but you’ll also enjoy these wines at the very best price available.

How to Join

Joining the club is simple. All you need to do is complete the application form, decide how much you’d like to spend per month and what style of wine you’d like to receive, then we’ll do the rest.


The Winefinders application form (444.44kb)

The Winefinders info sheet (336.47kb)