1989 Grande Annee Vouvray, Marc Bredif

ouvray makes arguably the best Chenin Blanc wines in the world, based in the heart of the Loire valley next to the city of Tours. Aged examples demonstrate exquisite texture, power and complexity.

The Domaine Marc Bredif winery is one of the great names of the Loire, producing exceptional Loire white and red wines. Despite the size of the operation, quality is very much a paramount concern for its owners, as anyone who samples the wines can see and enjoy. The estate has enjoyed a long and colorful history, having been established in 1893 under the original name of Chateau les Roches. In 1919, not long after the end of the First World War, Marc Bredif took over from his Uncle and renamed the property to mark the change of ownership. His focus was simple, to forge an unrivalled reputation for excellence amongst the estates of the Loire valley. His hard work paid off and the reputation of the Domaine grew quickly, both at home and abroad. This was largely built on the notoriety of its sparkling Vouvray, reputed to be some of the finest in the region.

This wine offers an intense peach and honey soft sweetness balanced by a crisp lemon finish. A classic example of medium-sweet Chenin Blanc, one of France's noble grape varieties. Ideal with rich pate or as an apéritif.